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Toxic Breastmilk from obese women??

This is a post from another forum I am on, hoping to catch a big net and get some good answers for this mama. Due to her background, she has a lot on her plate with regards to breastfeeding, so if you are just going to flame on or whatever, best to just not comment.

Thanks :)

"Is there any way I could have the milk tested to ensure it is not toxic and has what the baby needs? I don't believe that women like me can produce quality milk and I really need concrete proof my milk will be safe if I am to do this.
I don't mean to sound rude, but I'm not looking for articles stating "breast is best", "human milk for human babies", "perfect food", blah blah blah. I just need to know if I can have my milk tested somehow. I have yet to find anything online stating scientific facts to the quality of obese mothers' milk."

breastmilk/crohn's disease

Have any of you heard of giving breast milk to someone who has Crohn's Disease? A very good friend of mine suffers from this, and her condition is not really improving with her treatments. She's having a lot of trouble with it, and because of her weakened immune system, she is sick all the time. :/

I am currently expecting my 4th baby but was thinking that when the baby arrives I would pump milk for her. I feel like it would help. I could probably give her 1-2 cups a day for at least 9-10 months but maybe even longer.

idk it makes sense to ME lol just wondering if anyone had done this before with someone you know and if it helped? I mean there are findings now about breast milk reducing tumors, and helping with other diseases. My friend is willing so I thought we'd give it a shot.

Wow! Yay boobies!

So, my son is 3 1/2. I'm not going to assume people all know my back story, because likely most of you don't(I'm not that important, lol). But.... nursing has been a heck of a hard time for me.
I had a breast reduction. My son has a profound tongue-tie(he was clipped and is still tongue-tied), he has a bubble palate and macroglossia. Nursing has always been painful for me. And my supply was always on the low side. BUT, he was exclusively breastfed. Never supplemented in any form. Never had a drop of formula.
And I was determined to let him self-wean.

So here we are. He's 3 1/2. At this point, he doesn't nurse that much. Maybe every couple of days. About half the time that he asks, I say no, because it hurts, and I'm sort of tired of it, and so on.

But now he's sick. He has an ear infection(saw the doctor on Friday). He's been miserable ever since. Today he ended up with a croupy cough, too. Motrin helps a little, but he's pretty much just a mess. He asked to nurse this afternoon, and of course I said yes.

I've been pretty much assuming for months now that it's dry nursing. I can't squeeze anything out. Sometimes he says the "boobies" are empty. I just say sorry, and usually he goes on nursing.
But today.... he pulled away from the breast(to look at the movie playing) and he had a mouthful of milk. What the heck?! And the nursing totally comforted and calmed him, and he was happy for a good while afterwards. Yay boobies! (And man, am I glad I didn't force wean him).

Spam - it's what's for dinner!

It's no secret that many active users have abandoned the LJ and moved on to places like FB, including all the old BN mods. This left new members waiting for quite a while for approval so I changed to open membership. It's been open for a while now and only recently started getting spam, so I just changed it back to moderated. Sorry about that.

As an amusing side note, I've gotten more angry emails about our use of the word "nazi" in recent times than I ever did years ago. This just reinforces my personal thoughts about political correctness gone mad lately, but I digress...

The LJ stats page is interesting. Of 26 million accounts, only 1.7 are still active. On the bright side the average user is 30 and the gender majority is overwhelmingly female. That's prime breastfeeding demographics. Any thoughts or ideas about what to do with this place before LJ goes the way of the myspace? Anyone interested in recruiting new members?

Leaking boobs...

My lil one is 8 weeks old... Will my boobs EVER stop leaking???? Every time I nurse on one side, they leak on the other.  Every 2 hours they also leak cause I have a let down.  Anything I can do (other then the obvious - wear breast pads)?  I do have a touch of oversupply.  I also have a baby who does nurse all the time, but obviously not often enough! Can I expect them to stop leaking before my kid goes to college???
I managed to get my baby up to almost her birth weight, she is 4 weeks old. Now I have discovered we have thrush. It's white on her tongue and in her cheeks, and my nipples are pink, itchy, and burn/sting. I was supplementing at the breast with a formula that supposedly has acidophilus and bifidus in it, but now have another mom's breastmilk to use. I am confused why we would get thrush if she already has the probiotics, unless the crap-in-a-can version are worthless. I have never had this issue, and this is my 4th baby!

I am planning to try gentian violet to hopefully nip this in the bud before it can cause additional problems on top of slow weight gain and possible low supply. I have also used vinegar successfully for vag. yeast. I might use some of that, too. Would it hurt baby if I use a diluted solution of vinegar and swab it in her mouth?

Apr. 5th, 2010

I'm back. http://community.livejournal.com/boob_nazis/2184801.html

My baby is now 3 weeks old. She is a very happy baby as long as she can stay latched on for all of her waking hours. I wouldn't mind this and would be happy to continue, but she is not gaining any weight, and has slowly crept down in weight from 8/14 at birth to 8 even. I do not weigh her more than once a week, because I do not want to focus on the numbers so much.

What are my options? The people at WIC immediately jumped to formula when this happened with my son, but he WAS gaining weight at 5 weeks... They harassed me so much, I completely lost confidence and my milk supply with it.

More about Sage: She wets frequently throughout the day, soaking her cloth fitted diapers through to her clothes. I put them on without covers so I know WHEN she pees, and how much. She seems to hold her pee for 1-2 hours then gets the look on her face of a baby who is pooping. She has her brows drawn in concentration and she grunts and pushes, too. She pooped many times her first week while getting the meconium out, but has only had one poop since, and it was small (about 1/2 tablespoon)

She sleeps in bed with me and nurses some, but sleeps a good portion of the 6-8 hours. She wakes up curious and alert, and it's the best time for my other kids to hold her and get to know her. Within an hour, she is ready to eat and her feedings increase in frequency and duration until she is literally, constantly on the breast for the afternoon until bedtime. This has increased as well. Two days ago, she started her marathon at 4pm. The next day she started at 2pm. Today, she seems to be starting right now (it's just about noon here) I think I've got her asleep, but she wakes up as soon as I put her down or hand her to someone else, and she wants the breast right away. Most of her time nursing is sleepy-nibbling. She gulps 5-6 times when I let down, then goes back to the slow suckling.

I hope that's enough background, not too much rambling...

Mar. 24th, 2010

My baby is 9 days old, her birth was a completely natural home birth. I had breast reduction surgery 7 years ago, but have nursed all my babies before and after. My achille's heel is my confidence with bfing. I always worry I won't have enough milk and that my babies aren't getting enough. I have always ended up supplementing due to pressure from outside sources and my own low self-confidence. I don't want to supplement unless it's really needed this time.

Sage was 8lb14oz at birth, and is 8lb 8oz holding steady for the last 4 days. My milk just came in 4 days ago, so it seems I have enough to hold her weight but she's not quite gaining yet. I think this is because she sleep a LOT. She tends to mostly nibble at the breast when she's sleepy. I have been using the cross-cradle hold to get her latch corrected, and I do breast compressions to make the milk flow faster when she does the nibbling thing. I have also done a little block feeding to try and get her more hindmilk.

At what point should I worry about her weight, and when do newborns start having wakeful times without marathon nursing? If she's awake, she wants to be on the breast almost constantly! I know it's normal, but for how long? Is there anything else I should do, other than relax? lol

My nipples are finally healing from the bad latch of the first 5 days, what a relief that is!
In recent news that will shock no one, breastfeeding mothers from facebook are STILL having their pics removed for being offensive. One of the most recent victims is quite riled up. You can see the "incredibly offensive pic" which was removed from facebook on her blog where she points out how fb apps like "Big Boobs" let you send daily pics such as this to your friends.

How is this STILL even an issue? UGH!!! C'mon society. CATCH UP!!!

Breast Milk as a Weapon

Woman charged in breast milk assault on jailer


OWENSBORO, Ky. -- A woman in jail for public intoxication was accused of assaulting a jailer by squirting breast milk at her. WYMT-TV reported that a 31-year-old woman was arrested Thursday on a misdemeanor charge of public intoxication. But as she was changing into an inmate uniform, she squirted breast milk into the face of a female deputy who was with her.

The woman now faces a felony charge of third degree assault on a police officer. Her bond was set at $10,000.