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Child lead weaning at nearly six

Elliot the unweanable has finally weaned, at five years, 11 months old. Never, never did I imagine that I would nurse a child until he was six. My goal when pregnant with him was a year! I went through hell to nurse him (nursing story is in the memories of my journal and is public if anyone wants to read), and despite hypoplasia, I did it! He had been down to just five minutes at bedtime for most of the last year, and when Spring allergies hit and he had a stuffy nose, that slowed down a lot. Over the past four months he has just nursed less and less, and finally, in the last month, not at all. A few days ago he was really upset and asked to nurse, and he tried but had lost the ability to latch. He cried and really mourned the loss for a while, and I told him that he was growing up, and weaning was a part of that, and that Mommy and Daddy were very proud of him. We will be having a small weaning party for him soon.

I can not believe he is finally done. I am so proud that I let him wean on his own--he really needed it, emotionally. I am happy and content and pleased--not even a little bit sad. I think full term nursing really leaves mother and child ready to move on. Obviously I am still nursing his little brother, so I'm not done altogether, but this is a huge milestone for our family. Six years of nursing, and 34 months of them tandem.

I am so grateful for this community, and for crunchy LJ mamas. Six years ago, I was a pregnant firsttimer who knew very little. The support of the boob communities started me on the road to LLL Leadership and finally becoming an IBCLC, and, obviously, lead me to nursing my children for as long as they need me to. Thanks, mamas.


Jun. 28th, 2011 06:14 pm (UTC)
You're amazing. Congratulations for making it so long. Reward yourself, too!