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Child lead weaning at nearly six

Elliot the unweanable has finally weaned, at five years, 11 months old. Never, never did I imagine that I would nurse a child until he was six. My goal when pregnant with him was a year! I went through hell to nurse him (nursing story is in the memories of my journal and is public if anyone wants to read), and despite hypoplasia, I did it! He had been down to just five minutes at bedtime for most of the last year, and when Spring allergies hit and he had a stuffy nose, that slowed down a lot. Over the past four months he has just nursed less and less, and finally, in the last month, not at all. A few days ago he was really upset and asked to nurse, and he tried but had lost the ability to latch. He cried and really mourned the loss for a while, and I told him that he was growing up, and weaning was a part of that, and that Mommy and Daddy were very proud of him. We will be having a small weaning party for him soon.

I can not believe he is finally done. I am so proud that I let him wean on his own--he really needed it, emotionally. I am happy and content and pleased--not even a little bit sad. I think full term nursing really leaves mother and child ready to move on. Obviously I am still nursing his little brother, so I'm not done altogether, but this is a huge milestone for our family. Six years of nursing, and 34 months of them tandem.

I am so grateful for this community, and for crunchy LJ mamas. Six years ago, I was a pregnant firsttimer who knew very little. The support of the boob communities started me on the road to LLL Leadership and finally becoming an IBCLC, and, obviously, lead me to nursing my children for as long as they need me to. Thanks, mamas.
Have you ladies seen this yet?


What do you think?  Personally, I agree with the article- it's hard to equate breastfeeding with public nudity and indecency!  It seems like it's a small step towards banning public breastfeeding all together there....

Four Years, Nine Months...

I've been sitting on this for a few days now, trying to get my brain around it.

J's been nursing less and less over the past few months, to the point where maybe he was nursing once or twice a week. If he thought of it, and if he didn't really want something to eat.

This past week, he asked to nurse...and there was nothing there.

He's a little upset -- he's going through a developmental leap right now, and everything grates the wrong way. He wants to nurse, and he gets very sad when I tell him that there's no milk left. (The other day, he told me that since I'd just had dinner, there HAD to be milk...) I'm substituting cuddles and hugs, and when he asks, I'll lay down with him at night to help him sleep (he either kicks me out when he's ready, or goes to sleep and I leave)

But it's done.  J is weaned, and I have to get my head around the fact that for the first time in a long time, I'm not a nursing mother.


I got my copy of this magazine (http://www.lakemaryhealthandwellness.com/ ), and there is an article on breastfeeding in here written by Dr. Ronald Lynch of Integrative Medicine of Lake Mary. The title of the article is "The Risks of Breastfeeding."

In the article, he reports on the amount of dangerous chemicals that can be found in breastmilk (such as pesticides), and blames breastfeeding for the increases in "childhood leukemias, autism, ADHD, allergies, reproductive system abnormalities such as hypospadias and undescended testes" as well as "the increase in delayed learning capabilities, lower IQs and reduced immunities against infections." He also says that "In spite of this "dirty little secret" about breastmilk, the World Health Organization and most medical authorities still prefer breast-feeding to formula feeding."

The article is not on the website (I'm not surprised here...)  but this kind of ignorance and misinformation really needs to be addressed. If I can get to my scanner today, I'll scan the article and post it, so everyone can see what I'm talking about.

ETA: Here's the article: http://thermographydoc.com/2011/02/28/mothers-dirty-little-secret/

Rally to Restore Breastfeeding

Went to the Rally to Restore Sanity last weekend. I saw more moms breastfeeding in public that afternoon than I've ever seen in my entire life. It made me so happy! I almost asked if I could take a picture of one woman but I didn't want to look like a creeper.

Just felt like sharing!

several members have posted but since she posted in the middle of the night in a busy community shes not getting as much support and info as i had hoped.. and yeah im posting this in the middle of the night, but hey, this comm isnt so busy ::grin:: I dont know why this is hitting me so hard, maybe cause i think she is heading for the same situation i was in with my last, where baby absolutely refused to latch, and yall probably remember that it took me three MONTHS to fix that.. and he stopped nursing prematurely as well.. i dont want any mother to do through the feelings of rejection this situation irrationally causes, lets help a lady out huh?
My baby is 6 months old now and getting very mobile. She is crawling and recently started pulling herself up on everything taller than her head so she can stand up. Does anyone have any tips, stories, or encouragement for the frustration of trying to nurse when the baby won't hold still and just eat already?

She has no problem laying still to hold her bottle/sippy till it's empty...

still hungry 30 minutes after nursing?

This is my first post here (I think) and my first post on LJ in a while. My daughter hit 3 months yesterday. Up until a few days ago she would nurse for about 7-10 minutes every 1 1/2 to 2 hours. I know she gets plenty in that time- I can pump 6 oz on each side in under 10 minutes due to oversupply issues. All of a sudden she'll be hungry again 30 minutes after eating. I thought maybe she just needed to comfort-suck, but she fusses a few minutes after being given a pacifier and definitely eats more when I offer the breast again. Is it possible she's going through a growth spurt?

My mom thinks I should start giving her pumped milk with a little bit of rice cereal, but it seems to me that 3 months is too early for adding anything. Mom breastfed me exclusively until 6 months. The ped told her to either pump and measure or switch me to formula at that point because I had nasty reflux (and still do), so she isn't completely clueless about it. She didn't add cereal with me until after switching me to formula, but she needed to with my brother at 3 months. I think that's why she suggested it.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

4 years...

I didn't think I'd be posting this tonight. I thought I was going to miss it by one day. Last night, my little boy went to bed without nursing, and he didn't nurse at all today. But he's so keyed up from his birthday today and SO excited about his first day of school tomorrow that he couldn't settle and asked to nurse.

Four years. It's gone by so FAST!

Five years!!!

It's my Elliot's fifth birthday today, so I have been breastfeeding for five years! Elliot will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall, and yes, he is still nursing! I also have to give him credit for sharing his boo-boos, we have been tandem nursing for almost two years with his little brother.

I am so grateful for LJ and these communities. I went from a "I'll breastfeed a year" person to a committed breastfeeder, a LLL leader, and now (hopefully, the test went well yesterday and I'll find out in October) an IBCLC. Our nursing story is one of Hypoplasia, donor milk, the SNS, and making it work despite the odds. It's in the memories of my journal if anyone wants to read it. Thank you all for being there for us over the past five years!